Robotic De-Boxing Cell

Robotic De-Boxing Cell

Robotic De-Boxing Cell

H&C’s Robotic De-Boxing Cell improves operational efficiency, delivering a compelling ROI.

The Robotic De-Boxing Cell is a flexible, small-footprint automatic handling system, preparing bulk cheese and butter for processing. It reduces workplace injuries, lifting up-time, product recovery and hygiene standards.

Functions include:

  • De-palletizing
  • De-cartoning
  • Repalletizing (or sending to processing) blocks.
  • “Multi-block (and lined/unlined carton) handling capability.


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Innovation puts us ahead of the competition:

The unit incorporates revolutionary innovations that give you unparalleled flexibility and system simplicity. The Robotic De-Boxing Cell will safely and reliably remove the outer packaging presenting an undamaged wrapped block every time.