Mold Detection Unit


The Mold Detection Unit is a visual defect recognition system that detects anomalies on the surface of dairy blocks, based on color.  H&C has developed the Mold Detection Unit to provide the critical control point prior to further processing. Whether slicing or shredding dairy blocks, this system detects mold and reduces risk for further contamination.


Operational Advantages

  • All six sides of blocks can be inspected up to a rate of 23 blocks per min. (nom)
  • Can be used in a Manual/Semi or fully Automatic Cheese Handling system
  • Standalone machine
  • Integrated MCC and HMI
  • Easy access for cleaning with tool-less conveyor belt removal

A default set of detection (mold limits) will be loaded into the machine upon startup. These criteria coupled with the moldy blocks provided for setup during commissioning will define the starting point of Mold Detection for the unit. H&C will conduct training that will enable operators to effectively “teach” the Mold Detection Unit to detect mold typical to a site, within the machine capabilities.


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Innovation puts us ahead of the competition:

A world first, inspection for visible mold.