Mechanical De-Bagger

Mechanical De-Bagger

H&C has a long pedigree of automatically de-bagging products. Our first system was designed and commissioned in 2001. We have used this reliable and thoroughly tested design as foundation in designing our latest model.

The Mechanical De-Bagger will reliably deliver 12 de-bagged blocks per minute to your processing line, with no manual handling required. This reduces the risk of product contamination and injuries caused by knives and blades.

The benefits of automating the bag removal process:

  • Reduced labour – allows staff to be re-deployed to higher value work
  • Elimination of manual handling, knives and the associated risk of injury to staff
  • Waste corrugate managed effectively
  • Hygiene
  • Best in class footprint

Flexibility to suit you

The De-Bagger can be used as a standalone piece of equipment, or as part of a full turnkey solution. Talk to us to find the solution that will drive growth in your business.