Contamination of inputs to the processing line can be costly to both brand and bottom line. Unfortunately humans are not perfect so Haden & Custance has developed the DFOD system to provide the critical control point prior to further processing. Whether slicing or shredding dairy blocks, this system detects defects reduces risk for varying types and formats from 20lb to 40lb cheese blocks.

Key Benefits:

  • Detect organic and inorganic contaminants prior to bag removal
  • Doesn’t get tired and miss those disastrous contaminants.
  • Reduce the risk of recall or dumping batches
  • Eliminate downtime from contamination and resets
  • Reduced labour – allows staff to be re-deployed to higher value work.
  • Provides the critical control point prior to debagging or shredding in combination and delivers unprecedented trust in combination with the DBMB
  • Trust inputs to processing


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Innovation puts us ahead of the competition:

A world first, inspection for visible colour defects and detection of clear plastic bag residues after de-bagging.