Cartoning Equipment

Cartoning Equipment

The Cartoning Equipment range manufactured by H&C has been an industry leader for over 35 years. With a focus in the meat and horticulture industries, our equipment is known for its rugged reliability in tough environments and excellent return on investment. Here are a few of our products.


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Carton Erectors

Carton erectors from AiCo are precision designed, engineered and manufactured from stainless steel with some industrial nylon components. Carton erectors can be servo-operated with automatic size changing.

Low, medium and high volume carton/case erectors can satisfy a variety of applications, from entry level carton erectors providing 10 cartons per minute to equipment providing over 25 cartons per minute for high-speed, high-production applications. These machines are compact, fully automatic, incorporate a high speed hot-melt glue applicator and combine simplicity of use with flexibility. The flexibility of the erector is such that a number of options are available for the magazines supplying the cardboard blanks, both with respect to the quantity of different magazines and location on the erector.

Carton Closers

The apple top and bottom closer is specialized for the apple industry to automatically seal both top and bottom 2 piece HSC cases. Ideal for applications requiring multiple height and print cartons.

The meat carton closer is a specialized performance machine designed and manufactured by AiCo for meat processing plants to lid bulk chilled and frozen meat which is packaged into cartons. Ideal for applications requiring medium volumes of cartons of bulk frozen meat and/or frozen primal.

Carton Lidders

The flexibility of the lidders is such that a number of options are available
for the magazines supplying the cardboard lids. Both with respect to the quantity of different magazines and location on the lids. The lidders are specialised performance machines designed and manufactured by AiCo for meat processing plants to lid bulk chilled and frozen meat which is packaged into cartons. Ideal for applications requiring medium to high volumes of lidded cartons of bulk frozen meat and/or frozen primal, bulk chilled meat and/or chilled primal. The lidders can also be used for the bulk packaging of seafood, processed meat, poultry, pork, fruit or pre-packaged products.