The BetaVac range has become the industry standard for over 30 years. During this time the dairy industry has put its faith in the BetaVac design and rugged build quality. Hundreds of units have been installed world-wide with some of the biggest names in dairy.

The BetaVac range can package, 10kg (20lb) cheese blocks, 20kg (40lb) cheese blocks, cheese off-cuts and other loose products.

Why BetaVac?

  • Ethernet communication capability allows for data capturing or interfacing to other plant components.
  • Rugged stainless steel components minimize maintenance costs.
  • A fully automatic, pneumatic belt tensioner allows for ease of cleaning and joining of replacement belt.
  • Soft vent vacuum valves & Silencer included, reducing noise exposure for operators’ well-being.
  • A machine’s seal bar can be left or right handed or both to suit your layout. (twin seal).
  • When elements are changed, autocalibration is run from the HMI to ensure reliable operation.
  • Temperature controller alarm conditions can be diagnosed from the HMI. Possible fault areas are displayed on a circuit diagram.

The Beta range of products is the world’s choice in packaging and handling systems. These products will add the final additions to superior product delivery.

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