HC Automated Solutions

H&C Automated Solutions develop automated handling systems that prepare bulk products for processing. We offer world class innovative solutions to customers across the dairy, meat, beverage, horticulture and eCommerce industries.  Our advanced automation technology and extensive experience has made us experts in various fields, including product handling, palletizing, quality control, packaging and AGV integration. All these solutions can be customized to meet your specific requirements. We work collaboratively with organizations all over the globe to offer bespoke industrial automation solutions, complemented by end-to-end service and ongoing support. Robotic process automation could be the solution for you.

At H&C we are constantly developing solutions to enhance efficiency and drive growth in your business.

Our product range includes H&C reverse packaging systems, BetaVac vacuum packing systems, Aico carton erectors and Milmeq chilling and freezing systems.