Increase productivity, flexibility and profitability with automated handling systems that prepare bulk cheese & butter for processing from Haden and Custance. Lights out 365 can be a reality with specialised equipment that continuously handles various product sizes and packaging from depalleting to processing.
Our automated system minimises staff numbers and human error, increase productivity and accuracy and eliminates risk of contamination and wastage.  The system includes depalletisers, decartoners, debaggers, defect identification, and enhances processing efficiency through accumulation and recipe management and block tracking. The more components are combined the greater the benefits to your production line and bottom line.  The more you put in, the more you get out.
Installed in multiple international markets our customised, high-productivity systems are designed and tailored to integrate with any environment by our team of automation, robotics and mechanical engineering specialists. Equipment building and pre-shipment testing is carried out in our factory by our highly skilled tradesmen  who then handle installation and commissioning at customer sites around the world
H&C unique deliver managers and operators increased production time, reduced management headaches, reliability and the confidence to focus on making gains in other parts of the business.  All delivered with the minimum disruption.
Turnkey solutions … beautifully delivered.

“Haden and Custance is the most outstanding equipment supplier I’ve worked with in years!  The quality of craftsmanship exhibited in their machines is some of the best in the industry, and the quality of service exhibited by their employees is absolutely outstanding!  Issues and concerns have been dealt with in a timely and professional manner, and H&C personnel have gone above and beyond to assist us a number of times.  I would not hesitate to use H&C again for any future projects!”

Paul Wright, Electrical and Controls Engineer, Foth Production Solutions.